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12.02.2019 - New equipment

Eventhough it has been a while from the last update, our research has not stopped. Investments on new equipment have been done, a new NIR-spectrometer will be taken in use during spring 2019 and also we have been started our journey to the world of 3D-printing with a ZMorph VX Multitool printer.

14.01.2019 - Nordic POP meeting

Happy new year!

To start the official activities for 2019, Promiscentre will be presented in The Nordic POP 1st Annual Meeting in Oslo (14-16.2.2019).

Link to the event webpage.

17.09.2018 - CSF Europe 2018

Promiscentre was presented in The 8th Annual Compaction Simulation Forum (17-19.9.2018) in cambridge UK.

Link to the event webpage.

19.09.2014 - Mobile Course on QbD and PAT

University of Eastern Finland, EUFEPS QbD and PAT Sciences Network and The Physical Pharmacy Society of Finland co-organizes


QbD and PAT in Tablet Development and Manufacturing

February 3-4, 2015
University of Eastern Finland, Kuopio, Finland

First Announcement


·         Tablet manufacturing

·         ABC of QbD and PAT

·         Regulatory view of QbD

·         Process analyzers


Keynote Speakers

Line Lundsberg, Lundsberg Consulting, Denmark

Kevin O’Donnell, Irish Medicines Board, Ireland

Jari Pajander, NovoNordisk, Denmark

Ossi Korhonen, University of Eastern Finland, Finland


Registration is now open, please use this link to register.

Why not stay one day longer!

The 26th Annual Symposium of the Finnish Society of Physical Pharmacy will be held in Kuopio in February 5, 2015. For more information, please visit the Society's webpages.

27.05.2014 - PROMIS Centre operations were presented for Ambassador of Ireland to Finland, HE Dónal Denham

Ambassador of Ireland to Finland, HE Dónal Denham, visited the University of Eastern Finland on May 20th, 2014. The close collaboration between PROMIS Centre and its Irish partners was one of the topics discussed during the visit. More UEF news

07.04.2014 - PROMIS Centre at EuroPACT

3rd European Conference on Process Analytics and Control Technology (EuroPACT) will be held in May 6-9, 2014 in Barcelona, Spain. In the Wednesday afternoon (at 5.00 PM, meeting rooms 7+8) you have a possibility to hear and discuss about the case studies that have been carried out in our pilot scale continous manufacturing line. You are also warmly welcome to meet us at the exhibition site (booth 12) from Tuesday through Friday!

18.02.2014 - Director General of Tekes Pekka Soini visits PROMIS Centre

Pekka Soini, Director General of Tekes (the Finnish Funding Agency of Innovation), visited PROMIS Centre and NIRSphere project at the University of Eastern Finland in 18th of February 2014.



28th international forum and exhibition on process analytical technology IFPAC will be held in January 21-24, 2014 in Arlington, VA, USA. In Wednesday PM I and Thursday PM V sessions, PROMIS Centre will present case studies that have been carried out in our pilot scale continous manufacturing line as well as the latest results on real time product characterization using transmission NIR. You are also warmly welcome to meet us at the exhibition site (booth 511) from Tuesday through Friday!


The sixth pan-European QbD & PAT Science Conference EuPAT6 will be held on September 23-24, 2013, in Porto, Portugal. The topic of EuPAT6 is Tailoring QbD & PAT Science to Pharmaceutical Industry Needs. At EuPAT6, PROMIS Centre presents the latest results on continuous manufacturing and PAT implementations. For more information, see the EuPAT6 web pages.

31.01.2013 - PROMIS Grand Opening

PROMIS Continuous manufacturing Seminar "Grand Opening"

19th February 2013, Kuopio Finland



13.00 Welcome to PROMIS Centre, Director, Prof. Jarkko Ketolainen, Key Account Manager, Mikko Juuti
13:10 Opening words, Rector of UEF Jukka Mönkkönen and EVP Strategic research VTT, Anne-Christine Ritschkoff
13:30 Current trends in QbD and PAT, Prof. Staffan Folestad, AstraZeneca and Chalmers University, Gothenburg, Sweden
14:00 Continuous manufacturing in pharmaceutical research, Prof. Thomas de Beer, Ghent University, Ghent, Belgium
14:30 Industrial views and trends, Section Head Wim Oostra, MSD, Oss, The Netherlands
14:50 Finnish pharmaceutical industry views, Managing Director Jussi Merikallio, Pharma Industry Finland
15:10 Grand opening with cocktails and demonstrator of PROMIS line

For registration information, please contact Ms. Heidi Pesonen

03.05.2012 - PROMIS Centre at EuPAT 5

The fifth pan-European QbD & PAT science conference EuPAT 5 will be held in Ghent, Belgium, May 9-10 2012. The topic of EuPAT 5 is continuous innovation in process analytics and control. PROMIS Centre’s researchers will present the latest results on different process monitoring techniques. For more see the web pages of EuPAT 5.

19.01.2012 - PROMIS Centre at IFPAC 12

The twenty-sixth International Forum Process Analytical Technology IFPAC-2012 will be held in January 22- January 25, 2012, Baltiomore, MD, USA. PROMIS Centre’s researchers (S.-P. Simonaho and M. Juuti) will present the latest results on different process monitoring techniques. For more information, please see IFPAC 2012 web pages


29.11.2011 - PROMIS Centre at SENSE 11

Dr Mikko Juuti from PROMIS Centre gave a presentation on "Research developments on continuous processing, monitoring & sensors in pharmaceutical manufacturing" at the Sense’11 conference held in Helsinki on the 2nd of September. The talk showcased the use of sophisticated multipoint NIR fiber-optic instrumentation in different continuous manufacturing operations. The method developed at VTT provides accurate and representative information from various locations in real time. The method is flexible and suitable for different measurement geometries. For more informatio, please see web pages

18.04.2011 - PROMIS Centre at EuroPACT 2011

The second European Conference on Process Analytics and Control Technology will be held in Glasgow, UK on April 26-29. PROMIS Centre’s researchers (V. Rimpiläinen, M. Toiviainen, T. Ervasti, and S.-P. Simonaho) present the latest results on different process monitoring techniques and real-time chemical imaging. For more information, please see EuroPACT 2011 web pages

11.01.2011 - New infrastructure project

PROMIS Centre and partners have received funding for a new infrastructure project from the Regional Council of Pohjois-Savo.

The purpose of this project is to build a versatile continuous solid dosage form processing line for R&D purposes. The project strengthens PROMIS centre’s research and development environments. In the future, the project will give new facilities to develop and test new measurement and monitoring tools for continuous processing. 

08.09.2010 - PROMIS Centre at ISPE Nordic meeting

Dr Mikko Juuti from PROMIS Centre gave a presentation on "multipoint NIR for monitoring of continuous mixing and granulation processes" at the ISPE Nordic conference held in Copenhagen on the 2nd of September. The talk showcased the use of sophisticated multipoint NIR fiber-optic instrumentation in different continuous manufacturing operations. The method developed at VTT provides accurate and representative information from various locations in real time. It is flexible and suitable for different measurement geometries.

30.08.2010 - PROMIS Centre at CESPT, Graz, Austria

8th Central European Symposium on Pharmaceutical Technology will be held in Graz, Austria on Sep 16-18. Tuomas Ervasti with colleagues from PROMIS Centre will present a study on real-time analysis of spontaneous co-crystal formation using Raman spectroscopy. For more information, please click

16.08.2010 - PROMIS Centre at IWPCPS-12

Dr. Jaakko Aaltonen from PROMIS Centre gave a presentation on "Formation, stability and dissolution of amorphous API-API mixtures" at the 12th International Workshop on Physical Characterization of Pharmaceutical Solids. The Workshop was held in Lille, France, in June 2010. The annual meeting organized by ASSA International is known for its excellent scientific program and keeps on attracting a wide audience with attendees from the pharmaceutical industry and leading academic institutions around the world.

26.05.2010 - Pharma QbD report on EuPAT4

Dr. Emil Ciurczak, an internationally acclaimed analytics guru and the Contributing Editor of Pharma QbD has written a report on the recently-held EuPAT4 conference. Please click here to read the report.

07.05.2010 - EuPAT4 a great success

An international Process Analytical Technology meeting for pharmaceutical industry (EuPAT4) was held in Kuopio on May 5-6. This high-quality meeting gathered the most significant experts in the field and almost one hundred participants from 14 countries, among them also many representatives from large international pharmaceutical companies.

Pharmaceutical industry is facing significant changes at the moment. The current way of quality control dates back to decades and it is based on analyzing only a fraction of a production batch. This leads to poor cost-efficiency and poor drug safety. Novel methods, enabling quality control of pharmaceuticals already during their production, help in lowering costs and improving quality. In the EuPAT4 meeting several novel applications for on-line manufacturing process measurements and techniques already implemented in other fields of industry, were introduced. Electrical tomography methods, developed at the Kuopio campus, serve as a good example. European and American authorities have encouraged the pharmaceutical companies towards this new type of quality control for few years now. Thus, it can be anticipated that the amount of marketed pharmaceuticals, prepared and analyzed along the new guidelines, will be increased in the future.

In Kuopio operates PROMIS Centre, which is a multidisciplinary research centre that consists of three research partners (University of Eastern Finland, Savonia University of Applied Sciences, and VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland) and develops new methods for analysis and optimization of pharmaceutical processes. Therefore,  Kuopio was a natural choice for the EuPAT4 meeting venue. In general, this subject is strategically important to Kuopio area, since the local university has a long and successful tradition in drug development. In addition, strong sensor and automation know-how, which are essentially needed in process analysis, exists in the area.


04.02.2010 - EuPAT4 update

The web registration is now open at please browse to current meetings - EuPAT4.

Abstract submission and early-bird registration deadline: March 15.

The 2nd announcement including the call for abstracts and preliminary programme can also be accessed through the EUFEPS website.

23.11.2009 - New research projects

PROMIS Centre and partners have received funding for two new research projects.

The first, that has already started, is a collaboration project between Finnish and USA based research partners. The theme of the project is continuous processing, monitoring and control in pharmaceutical manufacturing. The project involves VTT, University of Eastern Finland and University of Oulu as Finnish research partners. Research partners from the US are Rutgers, the State University of New Jersey, and the C-SOPS consortium. The aim is to demonstrate that truly continuous processing is possible, and with the right tools it can be reliably monitored and controlled.

The second new project starting in 2010 is a continuum to our bioprocess monitoring and downstream lyophilization theme. We are joining forces with Universities of Oulu and Lappeenranta, who bring in expertise in bioprocessing and separation technologies, respectively.  PROMIS Centre tasks in the project include formulation and monitoring technology development for gene medicine production.

15.10.2009 - Promis Centre at ESGCT

Dr. Riikka Pellinen gives a presentation on "Freeze-drying of gene delivery vehicles" at The XVII Annual Congress of the European Society for Gene and Cell Therapy (ESGCT). The meeting is held in Hannover, Germany on 20-25 Nov 2009.

23.06.2009 - EuPAT4 first announcement

The European Federation for Pharmaceutical Sciences (EUFEPS) and its PAT Network organize the next EuPAT meeting in Kuopio, Finland (May 5-6, 2010). For more information please visit the EUFEPS website.

16.06.2009 - Meet our researchers

Promis Centre researchers present their results at various scientific conferences around Europe this summer. Meet us at:

9th International Symposium on Agglomeration and 4th International Granulation Workshop, June 22-26, Sheffield, UK

Controlled Release Society (CRS) Annual Meeting, July 18-22, Copenhagen, Denmark


28.05.2009 - Promis Centre at PharmSciFair

In June 2009 EUFEPS and its affiliates organise the 2nd PharmSciFair conference. The conference will be held in Nice, France. The program covers a broad spectrum of pharma-related topics and includes contributions from Promis Centre. Our researchers give presentations on, for example, analysis of granulation, tableting and viral vector production processes, development of new spectroscopic tools, special aspects of continuous processing and solid-state modification of drugs.

Please click the link for more information.

12.02.2019 New equipment

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14.01.2019 Nordic POP meeting

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